*  8 piece musical charts with backing tracks and midi files for musician's off stage practice - Small venue     accommodation utilizing high quality backing tracks

*  Accomplished Comedy Writer - customizing each event - speech writing

*  Can vocally represent hundreds of personalities and artists in one show

*  Dedication to detail as an entertainer - uncanny ability to get the audience involved - totally insecure          and thus has to do a  "great job"  - It's a guarantee - otherwise it's back to the cell at the institution!

*  VJG has had the good fortune to have worked with Robin Williams, Rick and Julie Dees, Mel and Neil

    Blanc, Ginny Tyler, Joannie Gerber, and Gary Owens, while living in Los Angeles.  The result has been 

    the evolution of one of the most  "skits" o phrenic entertainers on stage today!

*  Vincent was talking and singing right out of the womb!  He has never stopped since; which is why he 

     has been institutionalized for most of his life.  His hyperactivity was calmed by the fact that he was

     breast fed for 14 years.  Now, heavy medications have been successful.

*   VJG has the ability to call upon his musical theater, voice over production, movie acting, and insane

     asylum tenure experiences, and bring them all to the stage!  He's "One Big Happy Family" 

     all by himself!  Add your participation, and it's bedlam! 

Vincent is humble and very easy to work with.  He says "I'm already   CLINICALLY SCHIZOPHRENIC!  If I had an ego, it would push me over the edge!" 

Breast fed for 14 years!  He's MR. MELLOW!


Vincent J Gambino   is a Master Impressionist,  Singer,  Comedian,  Movie Actor,  and  Voice Over Artist.  He has appeared in Walt Disney,  Warner Brothers,  and Hanna Barbera productions.  His vocal reperatoire is vast and entertaining and his voices can be heard in award winning Radio and Television commercials all over the world.  A consumate and very hard working entertainer and comedian,  Vincent never fails to please audiences  with a classic style as well as his own improvisationsHe has had the pleasure of playing in top venues all over the world - including shows produced by               "LEGENDS IN CONCERT", "ON STAGE ENTERTAINMENT", and

            "GREG THOMPSON" production companies in Las Vegas Nevada.


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