"Every once in a while a great entertainer surfaces.  Vincent J Gambino

is one of them.  He was indeed  Frank Sinatra  in the Rat Pack for our

2000 Millenium Extravaganza.  He was perfect!"  Santo DeConcinni,

VP Operations/Hospitality - Rio Mar Weston - San Juan, Puerto Rico

"All I can say is you don't have to go to Las Vegas to see the

celebrities.  Just book Vincent J Gambino to provide the special guests.  Unbelievably, he's all of them!"

- Roger Ferris - Seattle WA Fire Commissioner -

" Vincent J is a must see.  His customized show for our venue was

a one in a million.  It wasn't until after the show that we knew he

was both Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra!"

- Dale Stoutts - The Shriners - Twin Falls, North Dakota-

"Our corporate anniversary celebration was recorded as -

unbelievable - with the performance of Vince Gambino as Lucianno Pavarotti, Tom Jones, and Frank Sinatra.  He was spellbinding!" 

- Roger and Claire Gilbert - Physicians / Directors -

Tauranga New Zealand-

Been There - Done That

Vincent J Gambino

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"I just don't understand how this guy can do it!  I've seen many impressionists, but Vincent is actually these people!  Somehow he has gotten inside their heads!"

- Elyse Del Francia, Founder,  Celebrity Impersonators, Palm Springs, CA. -

"I was a little nervous as the MC for our event, but Vincent's comedic presence took the edge

off.  He wrote my speech!  He is a true gentleman and a fantastic entertainer!"

- Don Sacco, CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon -